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Regulation for caddies

  1. The Caddie Master has strict instructions to enforce the under mentioned Regulations:

    1. Caddies are to sign and collect their ID Cards from the security gate when entering the premises and return it to security upon leaving the premises.
    1. The main gate is the only entry or exit point for caddies. Once the ID has been deposited no caddie is to be found on any part of the property of the Club.


    1. Caddies must wear shirts with sleeves i.e. T-shirt or Polo shirt. This must be tucked into the shorts or trousers before entering the Clubhouse grounds or the course.
    1. Caddies must wear appropriate footwear. Barefooted caddies will not be permitted.


    1. Caddies must display their ID Cards.
    1. Caddies are allocated by the Caddy Master on first come first served basis, unless a specific request is made by a player.


    1. Caddies are not allowed to disturb players in car park.
    1. Disobedience of the Caddy Master will lead to dismissal.


    1. Caddies are not allowed to abandon jobs already assigned to them nor should they run away from jobs.
    1. Caddies must give maximum co-operation to player while on the Course.


    1. Swinging with player’s clubs is strictly prohibited.
    1. Do move or rattle the golf bag when a player is addressing a shot.


    1. Caddies must replace divots, repair pitch marks and rake bunkers.
    1. Caddies are forbidden to bring golf trolley’s onto the tees or drive them on the apron of the brown.


    1. Caddies must pick up waste-paper, plastic bottles, etc on the Course and Clubhouse surrounds. This litter must be placed in the litter bins.
    1. Caddies are not allowed to wait for Members or visitors outside the bar and verandah.


    1. Caddies are not allowed to enter the Clubhouse.
    1. The selling of found golf balls to Members or visitors is strictly forbidden.


    1. Fighting or unruly behavior will lead to dismissal.
    1. Thieves risk prosecution.


    1. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action.