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Club house rules

  1. No Member’s domestic or commercial staff shall be permitted in the Clubhouse.
  1. No offensive weapon shall be permitted in the Clubhouse.


  1. No animal are permitted in Clubhouse.
  1. A decent mode of dress shall be maintained anywhere within the Clubhouse. Caps, Hats or Sun Visors are not permitted.


  1. The changing of clothe should only be done in the appropriate changing room. Not elsewhere within the Clubhouse or the grounds, in front the clubhouse.
  1. Metal spiked golf shoes shall be worn in the Clubhouse.


  1. Member’s personal drivers must wait in car park.
  1. The tariff of prices food and drink, green fees and membership fees shall be displayed in the Clubhouse. Charges will be subject to change without notice but only with the approval of the Executive Committee.


  1. Social visitors to the Club may be charge a visitor fee as determined by the Executive Committee.
  1. Parent/Guardians of young children are requested to control them, so as to respect Club property and peace of mind of other Members and their guests.


  1. Member’s children are not permitted to sit at the Bar.
  1. Members are requested to carry their membership car whilst on the Club premises an should produce it on request to authorized persons.


  1. Golf equipment is not permitted within the clubhouse.
  1. A public telephone is available for use by the Members or Visitors within the clubhouse.


    • The Club and Its Executive Committee does not accept liability for loss or damage to Member’s or Visitors property anywhere or the Club’s premises or Course.